A student named Dylan Quick was taken into custody earlier today after going on a stabbing spree at Lone Star College, leaving at least 14 people wounded.

Though it is believed he acted alone, authorities are advising students and area residents to remain cautious in case there’s a second suspect.

From CBS:

Quick was reportedly tackled by students and taken into custody on the campus shortly after the incident took place. He has not officially been charged, according to the station.

Just last week, Quick was featured in a blog about how far he had come and “the battles he fought and won,” the station reported.

The blog said Quick was born deaf and received a cochlear implant at seven-years-old. The implant was visible as he was escorted into the Harris County Jail Tuesday afternoon.

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A terrible, deeply disturbing situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by this senseless violence.




14 people have been injured in a stabbing spree at Lone Star College.

Details are still scarce, but multiple people have been rushed to area hospitals, and a suspect is reportedly in custody.

Students have been instructed to find shelter and wait out the tense, dangerous situation.

From NBC:

A spokeswoman for North Cypress Medical Center outside Houston said the hospital had taken six stabbing victims who were in stable condition. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said at least 11 people were hurt, including four who were taken to hospitals in helicopters.

The stabbing happened at 11:20 a.m., Lone Star College said in a statement.

“There are multiple injuries and conflicting reports on the total number of victims and severity of injuries. We can confirm that several people have been transported to area hospitals,” the statement said.

As you might recall, a separate Lone Star campus was the site of a “gang related” shooting back in January.; three people were injured.

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