11 year-old Janixia Soto is being called a hero after tossing her 3 year-old brother from the broken fire escape of her burning apartment building.

Soto and her family awoke to billowing smoke in their home. Thinking quickly, Janixia guided her family, dog, and cat to the fire escape. But they reached an impasse when the final fire escape ladder was jammed.

Making a huge gamble, Janixia tossed her brother off the balcony and into the arms of neighbors below.

From NBC New York:

“My main concern was to get him to safety because I know how damaging smoke can be to younger children,” she said.
Firefighters arrived and helped the rest of the family to safety.
She’s being called a hero, but she says she’s just a big sister who was calmly protecting her brother.

“No time for me to stress and cry, no time at all,” she said

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Kudos to this incredible little girl for keeping her cool under incredibly stressful circumstances.


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