A Bronx family is demanding answers after 14-year-old Javier Payne was shoved through a glass window during an encounter with police.

The teen ended up in Jacobi Medical Center’s intensive care unit as a result of the incident. 

From Bronx News 12:

[Payne is currently] handcuffed to his bed, after officers shoved him up against a window, shattering the glass, on Arthur Avenue Saturday night.

According to authorities, Payne and another teen punched a man in the head after he refused to give them a cigarette. The boys were then tracked down and handcuffed after the man called police.

Payne’s mother and stepfather say there was no need for officers to throw him into the glass, but cops claim the boy pulled away while waiting to be transported and fell into the window.

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The NYPD’s internal affairs department has been notified about the incident. Payne’s family is scheduled to appear with Al Sharpton and members of the National Action Network on Saturday to demand justice.

We will keep you updated on the developments of this story.


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