For many parents, a day comes when you can’t help your kids with their homework anymore because 6th grade math isn’t as easy as it used to be. Imagine facing that humbling moment when your kid isn’t even a teenager yet. That would understandably be the case for a lot of us if we had a child as intellectually gifted as Carson Huey-You.

At the young age of 14, Huey-You is already graduating from Texas Christian University with a degree in Physics with a double minor in math and Chinese, according to NBCDFW.“It didn’t come easily. It really didn’t,” Huey-You  said. “I knew I wanted to do physics when I was in high school, but then quantum physics was the one that stood out to me, because it was abstract. You can’t actually see what’s going on, so you have to sort of rely on the mathematics to work everything out.”

Huey-You’s academic excellence started very early. His mother enrolled him in a local public school when he was only a toddler and was told he had an eighth-grade level comprehension of math. By the time he was 10, he had skipped grade after grade and was heading to TCU.

The gift doesn’t end with him either, his 11-year-old brother, Cannan, will start his college career in the fall. He’ll be attending TCU and plans to study astrophysics and engineering so he can become an astronaut.

“It was challenging enough with one of them,” said the boys’ mentor and TCU professor, Dr. Magnus Rittby. “As I grow older, I want to tell people that age is not what people tend to think it is, and the same is for young people. I think you can take young people very seriously.”

When it comes to what makes her sons so special, their mother, Claretta Kimp, joked about giving them a “special pill.” But admits that it all comes down to the fundamentals of a healthy family environment and not something magical in the water.

“I would hope what’s in everybody else’s water,” Kimp explained. “A lot of love and patience and understanding and commitment.”