14-year old Shaaliver Douse was shot and killed by police after ignoring commands to drop his weapon.

Last Sunday, The Bronx teen was allegedly seen by police shooting at an unidentified man. After their demands that he drop the weapon were ignored, Shaaliver was killed by a gunshot to the lower jaw.

Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD say the shooting was justified; but Douse’s family are devastated, and they aren’t buying the official police story.

From NewsOne:

Douse’s aunt disagreed with Kelly justifying the shooting.

“That’s was my sister’s only baby,” Quwana Barcene said. “I’m tired of the police getting away with murder.”

Trayvon Martin is never going to end. Sean Bell happened to my nephew. This rookie cop — please bring him up on charges as a murderer.”

On Monday afternoon, Douse’s mother, Shanise Farrarspoke out about her son’s murder, saying officers initially told her no gun was found at the scene but then changed their story later on, “I’m not saying he’s the best, “But he’s my angel. “I wouldn’t want this to happen to nobody’s kid,”

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A very sad situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Shaaliver Douse’s family and friends.


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