The transition from grammar school to high school floods one’s path with a diverse availability of womyn/men and at a greater numerical degree. Most of our experiences in high school, acknowledging the fact of the transition, owe their thrill to finding that “sweetheart”. Soon, however, all the advice against taking one relationship seriously begins to make sense. As freshman, sophomores, and juniors we never foresee how something abstract as “the college experience” will determine the health of our hearts. Few people hold on to their sweethearts; others, go into the next period of their lives confused about how to take on relationships. The majority of quitted lovers in high school turn into reckless lady/man killers in college, because of the premature intensity they brought to high school relationships.

“I just want to have fun…you know have the ‘college experience,’” the phrase of betrayal for any lover who was previously willing to take the relationship further, alters how that person views the opposite sex. Bitterness exposes the fool in the rejected lover for thinking that the “sweetheart” was the one, so he believes that no girl is worth the energy of loyalty. Better yet, he will use the same “experience” that convinced his ex to leave to live out his new rule. No one talks about rigorous study in the context of the “college experience;” correction: we want to return to the option (like at the beginning of high school) to blindly entertain our interests in someone new, but not one, many. Realizing this truth hurts, but pride keeps the broken lover from being a modern day Romeo.


College orientation rolls around and its day one of romantic destruction. Meagan-Good-looking womyn float around campus by the bird flock, but for the heartbroken lover’s conscious he will never offer anything other than flirtation. He could care, though it’s not the program any longer, so he will recycle lines making sure that no one is special, using words like “hoe” to describe a womyn in an objective way. Shortly after mastering the craft, being with one person—going to places alone with another person (dates), telling one person that you’re feeling them, and physical activity with just one person—becomes a silly idea, “getting around” is what’s up. Beneath all the drastic changes is a problem that has never been resolved. Our nihilistic lover hasn’t rehabilitated his capacity to love healthily, being with people for the sake of achieving things greater than him.

With graduation nearing for high school students, I only drop this to advise folks to keep their heads clear before entering college. Break ups happen because humyns are changing things, so don’t fret over a person that leaves you, even if that person is your “high school sweetheart.” College is definitely about having fun, but its more about building your adult life, which requires just about as much creativity as anything else. Besides, relationships are only dialectical, meaning that your present partner is always better than all the previous because you look for what the others lacked. Relationships are only fun if they mean something, so don’t make conditions for yourself in which people are nothing. It takes strength to love hard, and only the strong will continue.