16 year old Kimani Gray


Late Saturday night in Brooklyn, 2 undercover NYPD officers shot a killed 16 year old Kimani Gray. According to the police the teen pointed a gun at them, but according to a witnesses in the above video Kimani, was “running for his life” and yelling for the police to “stop”. The undercover cops said they singled Kimani out, because he was with a group of men and he adjusted his waistband in a suspicious manner.

Kimani’s sister Mahnefah Gray, said that a witness told her it was this “suspicious” waistband adjusting that cause the police to shot and kill her brother.  She and others that knew Kimani never knew him to have a gun. Kimani’s cousin Malik Vernon insisted Kimani didn’t own a gun. According to another witness Kimani said ,“Please don’t let me die.” One of the officers replied, “Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.” Kimani had just returned from a baby shower, and was killed only minutes after he was dropped off.