At 17-years old, James Martin has graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in molecular biology!

Not only is he the youngest of his graduating class; James is also the most accomplished.

He graduate with a 3.9 GPA!

From NewsOne:

“It’s funny, because I have a really young face, so they all knew this kid doesn’t belong here,” Martin said. “They end up seeing you almost as a peer because you study like they do, you work like they do and at the same time, you’re interacting.”


While Martin is clearly a super-talented young man, his mother, who home-schooled him as a child, admits that her son was not always so studious. “His early years, he tended to be a little lazy,” said Joan Martin. “He daydreamed a lot and then, about 12 or 13, he started getting really serious.”


Martin was so serious that his improved habits landed him on FAU’s campus at 14-years-old. It was a successful journey that didn’t go without its challenging moments, however. “It’s been some nights, man,” he said. “It’s been some nights where I’m just like, ‘Ugh!’”

James hopes to attend graduate school and recieve a PhD.


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Congratulations to James Martin on this phenomenal achievement!