?uestlove was Wrong — Kinda

Last week, The (Legendary) Roots crew, ?uestlove in particular, got into a bit of trouble for choosing to play Fishbone’s song, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as the walk-on music for Republican presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann during her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Brother ?uestion was wrong.

Tyler Perry Pens Open Letter to Penn State 11 Year-Old

Tyler Perry has written powerful letter to an 11 year-old involved in the Penn State sexual abuse scandal.

A victim of abuse himself, Perry makes it clear to this young person that he is a survivor, NOT a victim.

From Newsweek:

“I was a very poor young black boy in New Orleans, just a face without a name, swimming in a sea of poverty trying to survive. Forget about living, I was just trying to exist. I was enduring a lot of the same things that you’ve come forward and said happened to you, and it was awful.

T.I.: Gays Are 'Too Sensitive' About Homophobia

T.I. has ignited a whole lotta controversy with his recent statements in a Vibe Magazine interview.

When the conversation turned to homophobia, T.I. defended Tracy Morgan’s “If my child was gay, I’d stab him to death” rant from earlier this year, and then defended an individuals right to hate Gay people!

Not content with expressing his admiration for the above-mentioned joke, T.I. gave his stamp of approval to another of Morgan’s controversial jokes.

Weekly News Round-Up: Nov. 21-27

Are Black Students Lacking Basic Skills?
Staff Writer, News One, 11/21/11


Alcohol puts students at risk on ‘Black Wednesday’
Staff Writer, Indy Star, 11/21/11


Black College Students: Financial Aid Money, How To Spend It…
Staff Writer, Thy Black Man News, 11/21/11


Young Black Voters: Study Dispels Myths
Jenée Desmond-Harris , The Root, 11/22/11


Half of black children inOregonlive in poverty, new census data show
Nikole Hannah-Jones, The Oregonian , 11/24/11


Minorities’ ISAT scores on rise in D300
Emily McFarlan, The Courier-News, 11/24/11


AugustaStateUniversityseeks more black male students
Tracey McManus, The Augusta Chronicle, 11/25/11


Black student study in Pinellas won’t happen after all
Ron Matus, Tampa Bay Times, 11/28/11


Hasting Council Launches Youth Potential Awards
Staff Writer, Voxy News, 11/27/11


Eurekacraft fair benefits Ink People Center for the Arts youth programs
Megan Hansen, Times-Standard, 11/27/11

Ludacris Makes Entire Music Video For His Wack Drake/Big Sean Diss

So Ludacris has decided to press the issue.

Earlier this month Luda released the track “Bada Boom,” rumored to be a direct diss to both Drake and Big Sean. Well, now we have a full-blown music video to accompany the track.

Featuring stock footage of famous emcee battles, video stills from “Hit ‘Em Up” and “Dre Day,” and some girl with big hair and smudged lipstick lip-synching his insults, Ludacris aims to embarrass those young whippersnappers with an old-school, lyrical ass-whopping.

Instead, he looks like Lil Kim he’s making a hell of a big deal out of not very much.

Check out the video here:


Confused? Here’s a little background:

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts on Black Feminism: "My Great Aunt Made Me Go There"

So, yesterday was Thanksgiving and all I can say is that my great aunt pushed the ultimate button and questioned why I consider myself a feminist. I tried to ignore her comments about feminists being lesbians. I tried to take the higher ground when she said, “Our men need for women to help them, cook for them . . . be their neck and that’s the only way the black community will survive.” I tried . . . but then she said feminists have not done anything for the black community, but to divide it. And, then I said, “If it was not for black feminism I could not tolerate let alone love your alcoholic abusive nephew (i.e. my father).” Yes, I said exactly that and the whole house became quiet. And, of course, she was very offended and left. But, all this got me to thinking about why I am a black feminist.

Bodies Diced Up On Drum Machines: Knowledge From New Choreographers

Our parents figured that their generation saw the end of “real” dancing. You know, they tell you that they danced artistically and romantically and that we have pioneered a tasteless substitute for sex. I’m embarrassed to say that I was starting to believe the hype, but this was before I paid attention to our generation of choreographers. Never has there been such a style that is so sensitive to both music and lyrics as that of our young people of color. Artists such as Ian Eastwood, Kenzo Alvares and Pat Cruz represent a new heritage of dance that brings the body, as an object of creative contortion, to the incomplete music of Hip Hop and R&B.    

Tis the Season…For Gathering Around the Domino Table

Here we are again at the start of another Holiday season and while some of you are thinking of turkeys and Christmas trees, all I can focus on is the copious amount of shit talking that will occur around the inevitable domino games. So while my family is busy scouring Black Friday ads, I’m practicing my slam.

The games always start innocent enough when I team up with one of my cousins to play a game of dominoes with my grandmother and her sister. “Big Six” is played and then my cheek-kissing, pie-baking, church-going, sweetheart of a grandmother reverts to the way she was before she found the Lawd.

Pizza is a Vegetable? Congress Seems to Think So

If you haven’t heard from a pizza fanatic, like myself, last month Congress wrote a bill that continues to allow the tomato paste on pizza to be counted as a serving of vegetables. While you may have heard this argument circulating for a while, the Obama administration and the Department of Agriculture have proposed to make school lunches healthier in recent years. In opposition, schools with tight spending budgets argue that the government should not regulate what their students can or can’t eat. The proposal for healthier lunches was based on the fact that childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years and future health care costs will suffer because of it.

If pizza and potatoes, served daily in many schools, continue to bombard the school lunch lines, the majority of students will choose these unhealthy options while passing up the selection of other vegetables. I know how it feels to walk through the lunch line, knowing your parents aren’t watching over your shoulder and telling you what to put on your plate. It is irresponsible for schools to serve so many unhealthy options, knowing that the majority of students will choose them. Without the responsibility of the schools to implement healthier lunch options through cutting back on pizza and potato options, children will fall into the trap the frozen food and salt industries want them to.