Is ‘Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls’ RACIST?

In case you were too busy laughing your ass off to notice, the viral hit “Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls” actually caused controversy, with sites like Huffington Post and Jezebel being flooded with opinions and commentary that blasted the video as an example of reverse racism.

Tami Winfrey Harris has written a phenomenal editorial for Clutch Magazine that address such complaints.

According to Tami, the video is important social commentary on an experience with which many Black people can undeniably identify, and that it does so in a way that is humorous and harmless.

She writes:

“This one time at journalism camp (Yes, there is such a thing.), a white friend that I had been bonding with for the week, leaned over and confided that until last year’s camp experience, she had been certain black people had tails. That same summer, another camper expressed her extreme dislike for rap music and then turned to me apologizing so profusely you’d think I was Kool Moe Dee himself. I’ve been “the only” in so many situations from childhood until today that when I spotted comedian Franchesca Ramsey’s new video, “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls,” I almost squealed. Man, could I relate! In college for four years in Iowa, I heard half these things four times between the shower and my morning class. For me, Ramsey’s entry into the “Shit ________ Say” meme was not only funny, it also contained important social commentary. But not everyone is laughing.

Lazy Blah People

Presidential contender Rick Santorum’s vitriolic attack on black Americans is yet another example of the Republican Party’s exploitation of racial stereotypes to score political points. Speaking to a group of supporters in Sioux Falls, Iowa, 2 Sundays ago, Santorum stated, “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

If We Can’t Save Our Own Children, Does It Even Matter?

In the wake of the tragic killing of 5 year old Gabriel Martinez Jr. in Oakland California, the third child killed in Oakland in 2011, legendary Hip-Hop Journalist Davey D, on his show “Hard Knock Radio“, interviews Minister/Activist/Author Reverend Harry Williams and Hip-Hop Artist and Activist Jasiri X about how we can stop the senseless violence in our neighborhoods, reduce the stockpiles of illegal guns, and restore hope in our community.

Three Little Girls” tells the stories of the senseless murders of Christina Taylor Green (9 yrs old), killed during the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Brisenia Flores (9 yrs old), gunned down by anti-immigrant militia intent on starting a race war, and Aiyana Jones (7 yrs old), shot to death while asleep in her home, by the Detroit Police Department, while they were filming a reality TV show.

Toure’s Northern State of Mind*

A few weeks ago, writer slash (cultural) critic slash Twitter all-star, Toure published a piece in the The New York Times about the allegedly recent flurry of white women rappers. From rehashing black respectability in an article about Michael Vick, to considering the black middle class in a discussion of the Obamas’ vacationing tendencies, Toure is no stranger to writing incendiary and ill-conceived articles. And this latest work is no different. Like the ones before them, this story generated a considerable amount of discussion on Twitter and other social media outlets where anyone with an internet connection can articulate her beef.

In the piece, Toure argues that even within a genre considered so hypermasculine and black, the combination of the largely white male demographic that listens to rap music and Americans’ overall obsession with blondes indicates that eventually–perhaps even soon and very soon–a white woman rapper or several will garner mainstream attention. Toure then goes on to list a small group of white women emcees who have gained some notoriety on the web. 

Weekly News Round-Up: Jan. 2-8


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School board picks first black president
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Milwaukee Journalist Eugene Kane: Black Youth Are 2011 Boogeyman
Jorge Rivas, Colorlines, 1/4/12

Walter Dean Myers named national ambassador for youth literature
Staff Writer, LA Times, 1/5/11

White House announces youth summer jobs program
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Black Leaders Applaud White House Youth Jobs Initiative
Joyce Jones, BET News, 1/6/12


The future of Black political power?
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Self Determination: What I learned on the Subway at 2am

With the recent celebration of Kwanzaa, I am reinvigorated with hope as I learn to internalize the principles each day offered. I couldn’t help but place special emphasis on the principle Kujichagulia (Self Determination) which means, “To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves in order to stand up for ourselves.”

During my time in New York City, I learned a lot about this concept, both in reaching back into our history as well as by opening my mind and heart to the brothers and sisters that exemplify this principle around me:

While I was riding the D train back to Harlem, a few brothers came on board around Jay Street selling

The Obvious Answer

This weekend marks a pivotal point in the GOP’s primary process. Historically over the last several elections, the front runner coming out of the New Hampshire primary has gone on to become the party’s nomination. Much speculation has been directed over the past weeek or so, to media proclaimed front runner Mitt Romney, up and comer Rick Santorum and the man who has vowed to aid Santorum in the remaining times Newt Gingrich. While the confidence among most republicans as to whether or not any of these three men can actually take the office from President Obama, more and more over the last few days the trust seems to slowly but surely be invested in Romney, but is this the right choice?

Black Unemployment On The RISE: Is enough being done?

The Labor Department announced today that unemployment has fallen to 8.5%. This is the fourth month in a row that we’ve seen the unemployment rate drop.

Black unemployment continued to rise however, climbing from 15.5% to 15.8%, and from 39.8% to 42.1% amongst Black teens.

Still, today’s news bodes very well for President Obama’s reelection prospects.

But what about us?