NAACP President Ben Jealous Talks Same-Sex Marriage Support: ‘I Hope This Will Be A Game-Changer’

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous says he hopes the organization’s announcement of support for same-sex marriage will inspire resistant African Americans to rethink their opinions on the issue.

During an interview with the Associated Press, Jealous drew comparisons with the struggle of his parents to find acceptance for their interracial marriage in the 1960’s. He also made it very clear that the NAACP’s position focuses on marriage equality “in the eyes of government, not religion.”

George Zimmerman Didn’t Take His Ritalin

Last week I got a call from my mentor and friend Paradise Gray about my song, “Trayvon”(video below). He asked me what made me write the line, “George Zimmerman didn’t take his Ritalin”.  I told him other than the fact that it rhymed, a person that would profile, stalk, and kill a young unarmed man he had never met, had to have some control issues. He then told me about the recent revelation that George Zimmerman was taking two perception drugs, Adderall and Temazepam, and that Adderall, like Ritalin is prescribed for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Amazingly, I haven’t seen a lot of press about this.

I thought this was very interesting considering the national conversation around whether or not Trayvon smoked marijuana. The right wing actually used Trayvon’s possible past marijuana use as justification for his murder. News that trace elements of THC was found in Trayvon’s system the night he was killed, had these right winged racists jumping for joy.

Top News Stories About Black Youth from Across the Nation: May 14 – 20

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Delegate warns of ‘black youth mobs’
Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun, 5/17/12

“A Baltimore County delegate said Wednesday that the governor should send in the Maryland State Police to control ‘roving mobs of black youths’ at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, prompting a colleague to label the message ‘race-baiting.’

18 Year-Old Alan Blueford Gunned Down By Oakland Police; Family and Activists Demand JUSTICE

The shooting death of 18 year old high school student Alan Blueford has sparked outrage and protests in Oakland, CA, with family members and community activists calling for a thorough investigation into the conduct of the Oakland Police Department on the night of the incident.

Alan Blueford was hanging out with two friends on a street corner on May 6th when they were approached by Oakland Police Officers, who allegedly believed that one of them  was carrying a concealed weapon. How they determined this by simply looking at them is unclear. A chase ensued and Blueford was shot three times.

Geraldo Rivera: Surveillance Video Shows Trayvon Was Dressed In “Thug Attire”

Geraldo Rivera has once again weighed in on the Trayvon Martin situation with unabashed ignorance, this time commenting on the recently-leaked surveillance video of Martin at a convenience store moments before his infamous altercation with George Zimmerman.

Speaking with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, Rivera claimed the video shows that Trayvon Martin was “dressed in thug wear,” thus substantiating his previous comments on the matter.



Although I sorta kinda spoke out against marriage last week, I’m not anti-coupling. In fact, sometimes linking up with another person yields gallons of awesomeness: Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber, Doc Brown and Marty, Pinky and the Brain, Dre and Big Boi, Cephus and Reesie. ABC has decided to capitalize on this with its new reality show, Duets. The show pairs contestants with its celebrity judges, and they sing, well, duets. Seeing a commercial for the show got me thinking: With recent news headlines in mind, who needs to get together and sing a duet? Well, here are a few suggestions:

The Media Should Try Asking Youth About Gay Marriage

The gay marriage debate is becoming incorrigibly annoying, and it’s starting to reveal just how completely out of touch mainstream media is with the broader populace. Poll after poll shows you that the country is becoming steadily more accepting of gay marriage, and this recent article from the Pew Research Center says that about half of Americans’ opinions of Obama didn’t really change after he made his tepid controversial statement, with the rest being sort of split. And frankly, I can’t say I’m surprised. At the end of the day, people want jobs, they want to support their families, people want to end health disparities, over-crowded prisons etcetera etcetera etcetera. So, again to be frank, as much as I am for gay marriage, marriage is a privileged institution that would largely help more privileged mostly white, middle-class, gay couples. The fact that the media has so ardently embraced this discourse ultimately reveals that the media dictates the conversations it prioritizes and sensationalizes, rather than reflecting how the broader country actually feels about an issue.

Furthermore, the media discourse keeps projecting gay marriage as a black vs. white issue, or a liberal vs. conservative issue, but at the end of the day, it’s really an old folks vs. young folks issue. 

Video of Trayvon Martin Buying Skittles and Iced Tea Surfaces

Video has emerged of Trayvon Martin buying skittles and iced tea at a local convenience store, mere moments before the altercation that would end his young life.

The surveillance video, shot from two angles, show’s Martin walk to the counter wearing the now-infamous black hoodie, and purchase the harmless items. He would then begin a 5-10 minute walk home. During that walk, George Zimmerman would notice Martin and call 911 to report him as a “suspicious person,” setting into motion a tragic chain of events.