Healing Our Relationships Take REAL Empathy

Tribal relationships—unions of people that involve romance and creativity—are hard to maintain because of conflicting worldviews. What it means to be a man or womyn in love causes problems for many tribes because their demands and dreams clash without a middle ground. Since I’m raised to be a black male by other black males, my performance as one resembles a group formation. Many of us have not constructed our own look at the world, have not questioned our comfort with not talking about how we feel. Instead, we renew our loyalty to the template of an unhealthy black male. All this goes said to shed light on the complications of love: the group template of any individual prevents a real communication with others.

Democratic National Convention Adds Marriage Equality to Platform

The Democratic National Convention has confirmed its intention to include marriage equality as part of its platform.

Congressman Barney Frank shared the news:

I want you to be one of the first to know: After a unanimous decision on Sunday, the drafting committee for the Democratic National Convention embraced marriage equality as part of our platform for the 2012 Convention.

Stand With Black Youth; Take The BYP ACTION PLEDGE Today!

Far too many Black youth continue to be demonized, criminalized and murdered.  

Enough is enough!  

In response to this intensifying crisis, the Black Youth Project (BYP) has launched, “The Pledge”.

With “The Pledge”, we are asking individuals and organizations to close ranks around black youth and make a commitment to take action and fight with black youth as they confront a relentless crisis. We at the BYP believe that each person can make a difference by doing something!

If we each take action, whether it is starting a group, signing a petition, or mentoring a young person in your neighborhood, then we all become a part of the solution.

Stand with Black Youth!

Click Here to Take the Pledge!





Why Intelligent Hip-Hop is Winning Right Now

Jasiri X after performing at the historic Apollo Theater (Photo by Paradise Gray)

It’s been a great last few weeks for fans of conscious Hip-Hop music. Nas just dropped “Life is Good”, which is universally being regarded as a modern day classic.  Killer Mike’s “R.A.P. Music” made several mid year lists for best album of the year so far. Plus with projects on the way from Brotha Ali (who makes a guest appearance on my new album), Lupe Fiasco, a DJ Drama hosted “Focus Tape” from the homie Dee-1 and of course yours truly, fans looking for more than money, designer clothes and murder have a lot of good music to occupy space on their ipods.

I’ve had a couple of eventful weeks myself, from performing at the Apollo Theater for radio host Michael Baisden’s anniversary showcase alongside Angie Stone and Johnny Gill, to being featured on two national cable TV shows. The first one was a taped appearance on “Our World with Black Enterprise” hosted by Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. I discussed the current state of Hip-Hop and it’s future with Hip-Hop artist Pharoahe Monch and Dr. Tricia Rose chair of the Department of Africana Studies at Brown University.

The second appearance was on the “Rachael Maddow Show”, guest hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry. During a segment on the Bay Area adopting NYPD’s racist Stop and Frisk policy, she showed a clip of my latest video (go to the 3 minute mark), directed by Elon James, “#10FriskCommandments“. And since me and my label Wandering Worx are wrapping up the final preparations for my new album “Ascension”, they just released an exclusive interview (embedded above) I did when I was in Los Angeles. Life is Good!


An Olympic Kind of Election

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog to consider the following thoroughly silly inquiry: What if the presidential election were more like the Olympics?

For reasons I may or may not share in a later blog, I very likely voted for the last time in 2008. I cannot, however, quit watching the Olympics with such ease. I watch everything. And I mean everything. Fencing? Yes. Badminton? Hell yes. Synchronized swimming? Absolutely yes. I can’t help myself. I almost wish I had room and money enough to install several flatscreens on my living room wall so that I can watch all of the NBC networks at the same (damn) time. I get tired of switching back and forth. I love the Olympics so much I actually tolerate Bob Costas, a.k.a. the Dick Clark of sports.