Off the West Coast a new movement assembles an army of sick-and-tired oppressed peoples. This group of artists, called Black Hippy, tours all over the world cultivating a militant program of HiiiPower. The philosophy of HiiiPower seems tailor-made for a generation of activists that are uniquely artistic and have easy access to brain drugs. Our only question now is whether the language of Hiii Power can motivate youth of color.


Recently, one Black Hippy artist Ab-Soul went beyond the limits of Black leaders. Despite the American government’s efforts to murder any Black leader that mobilizes the people, Ab-Soul puts revolutionary strategies to music. I’m amazed just by the scope of his aspirations for the people: “if all the gangs in the world unify, we stand a chance against the millitary tonight.” Cleary HiiiPower is more than just music; Hiii art creates a consciousness against black nihilism that the youth can get with.

Who are the youth? We are a group of folks who have found too many ways to be stimulated. An excess of stimulation goes along with continuing to cope with social problems. Although most of our parents can barely afford housing, our icons stress the pleasure of being f#cked up. Not only that, but the availability of brain drugs–like Adderall and Ritalin–on the streets affords the youth with extra resources for stimulation. Ab-Soul and the rest of Black Hippy are curious about directing such stimulation towards liberation. On extra pills and smokin’  extra kill, liberation could be attained: “[if] n#gg¥s is willing to bear the pain/we’ll put the white house lights out TODAY!”