Every morning I feel like I’m arming myself; iPod, tablet, iPhone are the necessary resources for the day-to-day. All day long, the individual in traffic moves around the city with other people in motion. While things continue in the cycle we are constantly checking ourselves into large databases; including Facebook, Gmail, even twitter (especially when it comes to geo-tag). After little time passes, our servers request that we “log on.” Our log of personal information must be updated in order to enter that additional network next to “real life.”

This network expands bigger than Facebook; it’s on the level of a virtual reality. Makes me wonder whether there’s another power outside of the American government. It doesn’t make any sense for the government to furnish our lives with many technologies of free knowledge. Of course participation in this other world of information looks different for the lives of caught up in the limits of capitalism. However, access to just one gateway—public library or school computers—exposes the individual to various possibilities.

Through Youtube an individual can master any skill due to the availability of virtual public intellectuals. The world of Google and social networking is the perfect environment for the silenced, the individuals and the groups who are positioned against knowledge. On my tablet I read about how racism makes the experiences of Black folk suicidal. From Wikipedia my generation learns the science behind our intoxication; as a result, we learn how to institutionalize our intake leaving the professional out of work. Regardless of how you feel about the health of such knowledge the fact remains that this other world of technology can lead to strategy.