Between Reality TV, Media Pressure and Social Status, we now live in a world where people feel the need to live in someone else’s shoes. We have leaders walking around as followers and followers perpetrating as leaders. This comes from a lack of personal and cultural Identity. This is a battle that a lot of us have struggled with and some of us even find ourselves now.

In today’s video there are three quick points that are given to those who find themselves struggling with Identity.

  1. Don’t be so obsessed with Image that you forget who’s you were created in! 
  2. Stop allowing yourself to be identified by the feelings that people give to you and the words that people say to you!
  3. Stop looking for people to Validate the thoughts that you already have about yourself!

You are the captain of your ship, which means that you control your thoughts and actions towards yourself. There is no need to search for validation through friends or even family. The only person that matters is the man/woman in the mirror. People might judge and ridicule you for being different or not falling in line with the “Normal Crowd”, but that’s totally fine. Don’t mask who you are for the sake of acceptance, just to live a life and die doing the same thing everyone else is doing. You were created to create change for those around you, and you can’t create change, by doing and staying the same. Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be You. Walk in your Identity!