Art Palmer is the fourth man to come forward and say that he was unfairly racially profiled while shopping at a New York Macy’s.

Both Macy’s & Barney’s have been under fire since last week after 19-year-old Trayon Christian announced his lawsuit against Barney’s after being arrested for making a purchase at the chain.

From New York Post:

 “I felt very much humiliated and embarrassed because a crowd was watching me as they were going through my items,” Art Palmer, a fitness consultant and gym teacher from Crown Heights, said in a press conference outside the flagship store at 34th Street and Seventh Avenue. Palmer, who said he’s “older than the officers who stopped me” in April, was joined Sunday by civil-rights lawyer Norman Siegel and state Sen. Eric Adams.

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Police used store surveillance to profile Palmer before unfairly searching him for stolen merchandise. Palmer and advocates in the city want New York’s Commission on Human Rights to investigate whether or not the NYPD is partnering with retailers to racially profile people.

Actor Robert Brown was the first to come forward and voice his experiences with police after shopping at a Macy’s department store. He is suing Macy’s and the NYPD for an undisclosed amount.

Macy’s said they are looking into the incidents.

We have a feeling that more and more of these situations are going to surface.

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