A couple weeks ago, i had a friend visit and on the way home from a club, the song “Five Star Chic” came on the radio. As soon as we heard the first verse, we looked at one another, simultaneously amused and disgusted. She commented that a woman like the type described in the song probably wouldn’t be interested in dating the man who raps the song. We were thinking the same thing: every time one of these “Independent Women”, “Five Star Chick” songs comes out, every dude in the world adopts it as a personal mantra. And really, they need to stop. i’m tired of seeing women get held to these impossible standards by men who don’t hold up to any standards.


i promise i searched high and low for the “clean” version of this song. It doesn’t seem to exist. Excuse his profanity for the purposes of my inarticulate rant.



Maybe it’s my personal issue but it grinds my gears when people demand that their mate possess some attribute that they don’t bring to the table. i have a male friend who will be the first to classify himself as “ugly as hell” but refuses to date anyone who isn’t an “8, 9, or dime”. i know that people will be attracted to what they’re attracted to, that’s all fine and well, but what happened to realistic standards? If you’re a 4, don’t go around talking about how you’ll only date 8s, 9s, and dimes. Aside from the fact that this arbitrary rating scale is (to put it plainly) complete bullshit, if you’re not an 8, 9, or dime, your chances of getting one are slim to none unless you have a dazzling personality. Chances are, if you’re assigning numerical values to a woman’s attractiveness, you don’t have a dazzling personality so give it up already.

i’m not saying that pretty people should only date pretty people and smart people should only date smart people. That isn’t my point at all. i just wish that we’d understand that what we ask for in relationships is often exactly what we get. Going back to my male friend, he has a girlfriend who is absolutely gorgeous but can’t hold a conversation about anything and he’s miserable with her. He doesn’t want to take her anywhere because she’s dumb as a box of rocks. i guess it’s a classic case of be careful what you ask for but if we’d just consider what we’re asking for, i don’t think this would be an issue at all.

My last thought on the matter is this: the Black community often accuses mainstream media of promoting unhealthy/unrealistic ideals of beauty but we should also assess the ideals that are being promoted by our music. Really, my issue is with these unfortunate looking rappers like Hurricane Chris who have the balls to judge a woman based on their looks. i cringe and vomit a little in my mouth whenever i hear that freaking “Halle Berry” song. Perhaps i’m just pissed that my “thug genie” hasn’t come grant my three wishes and whatever else it is that a “grade A” dude does. But since my bad credit score has excluded me from being a 5 star chick, i should probably explore the 3 star options…