When 5-year old Demonte Reilley’s is being hailed as a hero after saving his mother’s life.

When Akua McClaine began having a seizure, Demonte sprang into action.

He immediately called 911, told the operator exactly what was going on, and gave  his mother’s age, location, and medical history.

From NewsOne:

His mother had drilled him on what to say if he ever had to call 911. The operator was so impressed with the boy’s actions that she contacted Fox 2. “I’m so proud of him,” McClaine told the news station about her son’s actions. “He saved me.”

The only thing Demonte doesn’t remember about the ordeal was how long it took for the EMS to arrive; he just graduated from kindergarten, so he doesn’t know how to tell time. As for McClaine, she was treated at a local hospital and released. “I just said, ‘baby I love you so much’ and he said, ‘no mommy, I love you.’”

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We are so proud of Demonte for keeping his composure under incredibly stressful circumstances.