If you needed some extra motivation to finish that manuscript that’s gone untouched for far too long, here you go.

An 8-year-old is now a best-selling author for writing a book about dealing with annoying little brothers. 

Nia Mya Reese originally got the idea while working on a school assignment from her first grade teacher, Beth Hankins.

“It really has spread the excitement across our school for other young writers,” Hankins told CBS News. “And Nia Mya shared that she was a great big sister to an annoying little brother.”

From there, Nia Mya’s mother Cherinita stepped in and helped her daughter turn it into a summer project that only took her a few days to finish.

“Work on your sentences. Work on the spelling, work on the way that it’s worded,” Cherinita said. “And that will be your summer project.”

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The end result was How To Deal With And Care For Your Annoying Little Brother, which is now a #1 best-seller on Amazon’s school-age children parenting list.

Now, it should be said that Nia Mya loves being a big sister and loves her 5-year-old little brother, Ronald Michael. But, as many older siblings understand, patience only lasts so long.

Fortunately, Nia Mya was able to take those experiences and share them with the world. Her accomplishment both encouraged many of her classmates to take writing more seriously and, most importantly, taught her a very important lesson.

“I learned to follow my own dreams,” she said.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube