The Chicago Police Department has made claims that it would work to be more open and transparent following a scandal tied to the shooting death of Laquan McDonald when Former Officer Jason Van Dyke shot him 16 times. However, the Chicago Tribune still had to wait seven months and threaten a lawsuit to be given data about the department’s recent shootings.

The Tribune found that, in a six year period between 2010 and 2015, 92 people were killed in police shootings and another 170 were injured. Four out of five of those shooting victims were black males. The data also showed that a Chicago police officer fired their weapon at someone once every five days, on average. 

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More than half of the officers involved in the shootings had put in years of service and were either Black or Hispanic. Out of the 520 officers who fired their weapons, more than 60 did so on more than one occasion.

A silver lining in these bleak statistics is that the number of shootings did progressively decrease over the years, with there being 100 in 2011 and 44 in 2015. But the data still shows a long history of officers being used as executioners in a space where their trained to deescalate situations as peacefully as possible.

Photo: CPD Video screenshot