Nailla Robinson, a 5-year-old Philadelphia girl who was abducted from her elementary school has been found alive.

A man heard her cries and found Nailla near a playground.

She was later taken to the hospital to be treated:

[A] man walking toward 69th Street Terminal for work in Norristown heard a cry from a nearby ballfield and adjoining playground at 69th St. and Patterson Ave. – a short distance from where Nailla abducted.

“As he starts to walk to where the screams are, a little girls runs out,” Chitwood said. “She said, ‘I ran away, I ran away from the people who took me.'”

The girl was near a jungle gym playset and wearing only a black tank-top. Chitwood said he did not know how long Nailla had been outside. It was about 37 degrees and damp from heavy rain overnight at the time Nailla was found.

The man, whom police are calling a Good Samaritan, called the girl over. She told him she was cold and had to go to the bathroom.

Police sources said that after Nailla was abducted from the school, the woman took her to a residence where a man was also present.

Nailla’s clothes were removed. She was blindfolded and hidden under a bed.

It’s unclear how the girl managed to get free. Earlier accounts suggest she fled.

But police sources said it appears her abductors might have dropped her off at the playground. She was then told to call someone for help.




The unidentified woman who took Nailla checked-in at the school under an assumed name. Nailla was taken just before 9 am, and it wasn’t until that afternoon that the school realized their grave mistake.


Fortunately, Nailla was found, but the ease with which she was abducted from her school raises serious concerns about school policy regarding pick-up and drop-off of students.


Should all schools be required to enact a policy regarding pick-up and drop-off?

Should adults who are not parents are guardians be forced to show ID?

What other ways can we ensure the safety of children in schools?

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