The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences was deservingly on the receiving end of public outcry after a second year with a noticeably lack of diversity among nominees. After [hopefully] learning a valuable lesson, the Academy is playing an active role in fixing the problem.

The Academy has added three new governors, all from diverse backgrounds, to leadership positions, that will last for three-year terms, according to Deadline.

Reginald Hudlin, director of Boomerang and co-producer of the latest Academy Awards, will represent the Directors Branch, Gregory Nava, who directed Selena and Why Do Fools Fall In Love?, will govern the Writers Branch, and Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who was heavily involved in all of and directed two the Kung Fu Panda films, will represent the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch.

The board of governors also appointed six more members to each of the remaining committees that handle various areas of the Academy’s operations. They read as follows:

Gael García Bernal – Awards and Events

Amy Vincent – Preservation and History

Effie Brown – Museum

Marcus Hu – Education and Outreach

Floyd Norman – Education and Outreach

Vanessa Morrison – Finance

Stephanie Allain – Membership and Administration

The Academy also doubled down on a new set of laws that it announced in January that will take a closer look at what qualifies someone for membership every two years, namely them being active in the film industry within the past 10 years. This could potentially resolve one of the most recognizable issues that the Academy faced, which was positions being filled by members that hadn’t been active in years nominating films that reflect their own interests, but not those of the public.

Hopefully, with these changes, #OscarsSoWhite won’t be an active hashtag for a third straight year.


Photo Credit: Twitter