The highly-anticipated sequel The Best Man Holiday enjoyed significant success during its opening weekend. The film, ranking at no.2 at the box office, grossed $30.6 million. 

Critics, viewers and fans are all talking about the film. Some describe it as a romantic comedy, others call it a drama, but one nationally-known publication has took the cake with their description of the film. For his headline, Scott Bowles of USA Today wrote ““Holiday’ nearly beats ‘Thor’ as race-themed film soars.”

From Awesomely Luvvie:

With that logic, then Girls is “race-themed” too. It’s about boring white girls who live in NYC. So was Friends which is about hilarious white yuppies in NYC. And Titanic was a race-themed biopic about white folks who drowned on a cruise ship that crashed.

Hollywood thinks that any movie with a mostly-Black cast is a “Black movie” instead of simply just a MOVIE. I wish they’d call movies with only melanin-deficient folks “white movies” too. EQUAL NARROW-MINDEDNESS FOR ALL!!! But that won’t happen because white is the default.

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When critics protested the headline, it was then changed to “Holiday’ nearly beats ‘Thor’ as diverse films soar.” Now the article’s final title rest at, ‘Best Man Holiday’ nearly beats mighty ‘Thor.’

In the article Bowles goes on to say that “cultures have been hot sellers at the turnstiles this year.” He also compares the film to 12 Years A Slave and The Butler. 

Thoughts on Bowles choices of words for the film?

Is Hollywood’s categorization of films like Best Man Holiday contributing to inequality in the industry? Or are people being too sensitive?

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