What was supposed to be a planned “game,” turned into a full out immigration reform rally on Wednesday. Earlier this week, a chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas planned to play “Catch an Illegal Immigrant.”  The University of Texas at Austin quickly put an end to the game, canceling it and finding it in violation of school policy.

But supporters of immigration reform used the move as an opportunity to rally for equality.

From My San Antonio:

Hundreds of students, including many undocumented immigrants, rallied on the University of Texas campus Wednesday to protest a mock immigration sting planned by a conservative student group but canceled amid a backlash. The student group University Leadership Initiative, which advocates for immigration rights, organized the event, which peaked with around 500 attendees, according to an unofficial estimate from campus police.

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Roughly 400 undocumented immigrants attend UT Austin. Actress America Ferrera attended the rally and condemned the “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” game planned by the Young Conservatives of Texas. The game would have rewarded players with a $25 gift card for catching volunteers wearing name tags that read “illegal immigrant.”

Way to turn what would have been an unfortunate and racial insensitive game into a platform for justice.

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