Clayton protest

Approximately 100 Ferguson, Missouri activists protested for the second consecutive day in frigid temperatures by disrupting lunch-hour traffic in downtown Clayton for about an hour on Monday.

The protesters united from two staging arenas — Shaw Park and the Forsyth MetroLink station — to circle the Clayton business district once before ending the demonstration in front of the St. Louis County Justice Center.¬†

From STL Today:

The route resulted in blocked traffic at several intersections. Clayton Police, backed by officers from Hazelwood, Richmond Heights and other departments, did not attempt to clear the blockages.

 Elizabeth Vega, a demonstration organizer, said marchers hoped to send a signal that the vast majority of Ferguson activists are committed to non-violent, peaceful protest.

To drive home their message, the march was led by white activists who warned passers-by that “the protesters are coming! the protesters are coming!”

“We wanted to mock people with a fear of protest,” Vega said. “The tension right now is palpable and if we can’t laugh then we’ll cry.”

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As a play off the cold weather, activists chanted¬†“Brrr, it’s cold out here. Must be oppression in the atmosphere.” Monday’s protest came during heightened speculation that a grand jury will soon decide whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson who fatally wounded Mike Brown.

Black lives matter.

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