It looks like Barney’s isn’t the only department store who is suspicious of its black shoppers. The New York Post is reporting that a lawsuit has been filed against the NYPD and Macy’s.

The complaint comes from actor Robert Brown, who says that he was arrested after making a purchase at a Sunglass Hut inside the store.

According to the lawsuit, Brown was confronted by police, questioned for an hour, and then released.

From The New York Post:

Actor Robert Brown – who starred with Sean Connery in “Finding Forrester” and in HBO’s “Treme,” described in the Manhattan civil suit as a “young black American male” from Brooklyn, says he was unlawfully searched by undercover detectives at the department store’s flagship in Herald Square on June 8, 2013.

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After handing over his ID, police told Brown that his identification was false and that he could not afford such an expensive purchase.

Brown is suing the NYPD and Macy’s over the controversial stop-and-frisk policy the city has.

Why are stores and police officers acting so aggressively towards black shoppers?

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