When I was young I had horrible dance moves. If Urkel and Carlton Banks could be synthesized into one super nerd they’d still be cooler than me. Whenever my mom would turn on the song “electric slide” in the living room I would always bump into her because my turn wasn’t that smooth. But that all changed the day I saw Deion Sanders juke in a Dallas Cowboys game. By juke I don’t mean evade a defender I, mean get funky in the end zone. This moment is the first time I recall seeing any kind of touchdown celebration. As Deion did the infamous stride into the end zone with the prance to the left, prance to the right shuffle, my eyes became fixated on the television screen. The next 2 weeks straight I practiced the “Deion Dance” so I could show it off to my family for Thanksgiving. I nailed it, but unfortunately my cousin upstaged me. Nevertheless, I still learned a valuable lesson- celebration in sports is awesome and should most definitely be permitted.  So here are my 5 reasons why Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League, should reverse the ban on  touchdown celebrations.

1. Sports are a form entertainment. Fans pay money to watch athletes perform for their own gratification. Therfore, if most fans enjoyed watching the ’98 Atlanta Falcons do the “Dirty Bird” don’t clip the wings.

2. Season ticketholders are just like stakeholders in a company. If they want to see  Chad Ocho Cinco “Riverdance” they should be able to. They help pay his salary.

3. If a team doesn’t want to be taunted, they will have greater incentive to not let the opposing team score (except the Lions).

4. A football field is a stage, athletes are actors, let them perform.

5. Celebrations remind us all that football is a game, not a death match.

If these 5 reasons haven’t persuaded you that celebrations need to be permitted by the NFL, please allow this video to speak for me.