Several months ago, Reverend Al Sharpton vowed to move to Chicago in an effort to highlight and help curb gun violence in the city. Now, sources are getting more details about how Sharpton plans to do this.

He will rent an apartment in Chicago.

From NBC:

Sharpton said┬áSunday┬áthat he will rent an apartment from the Rev. Marshall Hatch of New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist and stay in Chicago one or two days a week. His appearance capped off a morning of preaching at Trinity United Church of Christ, a prominent church on Chicago’s South Side where President Barack Obama once attended services.

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Sharpton says that he’s been in contact with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is combating street violence through policing strategies and gun control measures.

Sharpton has been a very vocal critic of the New York Police Department, particularly the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

Sharpton also promoted his new book, “The Rejected Stone” while he was in town.

Thoughts on Sharpton’s intentions?

Will his presence help with the homicide rate?

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