Officials rejected an Alabama high school that sought to ban same-sex couples from attending the school’s prom.

Greenville High School is attempting to clean up its mess after the school’s principal send out a set of rules for the spring prom that defined prom dates as “traditional couples.”

From WSFA 12:

WSFA 12 News obtained a copy of the “2014 GHS Junior/Senior Prim Rules and Regulations” from a student at the school. The document includes a section on prom dates, which says “prom dates are defined as traditional couples and will follow the traditional guidelines of previous proms.”

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Amy Bryan, Butler County Schools Interim Superintendent, said she found out about the restriction Tuesday and quickly intervened.

Whether or not the principal will face discipline for the incident has not been determined yet.

Should the principal face disciplinary action? If so, what’s a proper punishment? 

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