An Alabama inmate died on Sunday after police shot him with a Taser after he became combative with officers.

Ricky Deangelo, 47, was unresponsive after the deputy used the weapon on him. 

From AL.com:

Efforts were unsuccessful by the jail’s on-duty medical personnel and paramedics to revive him. Hinkle was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to the agency.

The Sheriff’s Office said Alabama’s State Bureau of Investigation has been called under a policy to examine jail deaths.

Hinkle had been an inmate at the jail since Monday for a parole violation on a previous assault charge.

The agency said deputies decided to separate Hinkle from other inmates at about 11:30 a.m. today when he threatened other inmates and created a disruption during the lunchtime meal service.

“While in the process of moving, the inmate threatened to harm himself. At that point it was determined the inmate should be placed in a cell that allowed twenty-four-hour monitoring to prevent any possible suicide attempt,” the agency said.

“When they arrived at the cell the inmate became combative, refused to enter and began scuffling with one of the deputies. A second deputy deployed a Taser to bring the inmate under control. After engagement the inmate fell to the floor and became unresponsive,” according to the statement.

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