Richard Olango, whose son Alfred was killed by police in El Cajon, California, has created a foundation that aims to educate and reform police officers. Olango says that San Diego will be the headquarters for the Alfred Olango Justice and Unity Foundation “for the whole world,” according to the San Diego-Union Tribune.

“These are the foundation of police training,” he said at an event called the International Day of Remembrance for Victims of Police Brutality. “If you don’t pass these, you go back to police college.”

“Police are supposed to use a gun as a last resort,” he continued. “From the time police arrived to the time my son was dead was one minute and 29 seconds.”

Alfred Olango was killed by police on Sept. 27 after they were called to assist him. Authorities say that he was holding a cylindrical vaping device that they mistook for a gun.

“I don’t want any mother to go through what I am going through,” said Pamela Benge, Olango’s mother.