According to the Center for American Progress, a whopping 97 percent of women are working jobs men are typically getting paid more for.

Of the 534 professions listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women earn more than men in just seven of them.

From Madame Noire:

The number of women working those professions is 1.5 million, The Huffington Post says, or three percent of full-time women workers. “And even here, in the seven occupations that women do earn more, the wage difference is quite small,” the article continues.

The seven occupations where women are making more money than men are respiratory therapist ($62 per week), computer support specialist ($55), operations research analyst ($68), stock clerks and order fillers ($13), medical scientist ($25), bookkeeping/accounting/auditing clerks ($2), and packers ($1).


What needs to be done to ensure that women receive equal pay?

Will we see Congress take up this issue any time soon?

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