Michael Sam made history this past weekend when he became the NFL’s first openly-gay player. Now, his jersey is the second-highest seller among rookies. 

Sam comes behind Johnny Manziel, and he’s followed by defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles. 

From CBS Sports:

More amazing: Sam’s jersey didn’t go on sale until Saturday night while jerseys for Manziel, Clowney, Bridgewater and Bortles were all available Thursday when they were drafted six rounds earlier.

“We think this is a sign of what we’ve been saying all along, that Michael’s inclusion in the NFL is bringing fans into the game who weren’t previously consumers of the NFL game,” his agent Cameron Weiss, told ESPN.

And that’s a good thing.

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Sam might have been drafted by the St. Louis Rams, but he still has one more hurdle to clear before officially joining the team. Sam’s permanence depends on how well he does during training camp, which starts July 25.

Thoughts on Sam having the second highest selling jersey?

Is it a sign of a more inclusive sports fan base regarding LGBT players?

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