In a time where we need more feminism, more justice, and more radical change for the future, a biopic around the life of Angela Davis couldn’t be more timely. Davis will be working with Codeblack Films to develop “Angela Davis: An Autobiography” into the biopic about her life.

Angela Davis, whose life experiences entrenched her in the Civil Rights Movement beginning in the 1960’s, has been an influential voice and figure in anti-oppression and anti-capitalist movements. Many of the beliefs and opinions she has expressed have had her outcasted by The Establishment and embraced by marginalized groups around the globe.

“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society,” Angela Davis said back in 2012 about education and the prison-industrial complex, two topics this biopic won’t be able to shy away from. In the 1970’s, Davis spent a year-and-a-half in jail where she developed the foundation for her fight against the prison system and its efforts targeting people of color.

The story of Davis’ arrest in the 70’s is one that features attempted murder, guns, and kidnapping charges – a sensational aspect of her story, no doubt – however her life’s work to be reflected in the untitled biopic will hopefully be more than that.

With criminal justice reform becoming a mainstay in the national conversation through social media and instances of mainstream media, the Angela Davis biopic will be a good supplement to society’s syllabus as we collectively learn about our past and future in American Civil Rights.

The picture will be produced by Nina Yang Bongiovi, who also worked on “Frutivale Station” and “Dope,” and looks like it has everything it needs to be a home run project.