As NFL training camps get started, teams are starting to get a feel for what their final 52-man rosters will look like once the regular season kicks off. This is the time of year where players are cut, replaced, traded and then some for teams to get what they feel is the best group possible.

After yet another team deciding to go with an arguably subpar player, it’s starting to look like Colin Kaepernick may not make a team anytime soon. The Miami Dolphins is one of many teams dealing with the issue of expecting a low-level quarterback to play like a champion. This is a common problem in a league where only about a dozen players are worthy of being called “elite QB1.” So, what did the Dolphins do to alleviate their stress following an injury? Add even more to their future by signing “retired” quarterback Jay Cutler.

For those uninformed, Jay Cutler is mostly known for being the inconsistent quarterback for the Chicago Bears for eight years. He earned a reputation for having high potential that he occasionally tapped into only to literally and figuratively drop the ball moments later.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick can’t get more than a solid look from the many franchises desperately in need for strong quarterbacks because he ruffled some feathers by telling people that America isn’t always fair to people of color.

This latest fiasco may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, however. While supporters of Kaepernick have been considering protesting the NFL for a while now, the size of the group grows with every perceived choice to blackball him.

Local Los Angeles leader of the National Action Network Najee Ali announced, “Protests are also planned outside the L.A. Rams owned by Stan Kroenke and L.A. Chargers owned by Alex Spanos preseason games,” according to LA Weekly.

“The NFL is a form of the modern-day plantation,” Ali said in a statement. “Most of the players are black and the ownership is all white. They’re treating Kaepernick like a runaway slave, making him an example so other players get the message: Do not get too uppity or we will blackball you. The parallels are very much like slavery, except the players are million-dollar slaves under contract who have made billions for the NFL.”

Only time will tell if this movement picks up any steam as the NFL season approaches. Who knows? Maybe Kaep will get picked up by then and all of this will have been for naught