Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your sanity! They’re coming. Did you honestly think that they wouldn’t? That they wouldn’t swarm into your neighborhoods, your homes, your towns and take over? It seems ending slavery and segregation wasn’t enough. It was only a matter of time before people of color found their way to infiltrate and exterminate our way of being as we know it. Because of course, this has never been done in history.

I recently came across a video on YOUTUBE that raised my right eyebrow a few times, stirred some frustration, and left me bewildered from the opinions that were expressed in the above video. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing and nor could I take the matter seriously.

Several women dressed in white discussed the phrase “anti-racist is code for anti-white” and how “it makes sense” to them. I personally never heard of this phrase. The women in the video compare the Aztecs and Native Americans history to what I can assume is slavery in America and how “anti-racists” do not say Mexicans should “apologize forever…and be forced to assimilate.” They compare Black power to White power, saying that if they were to express pride in their race, they would be labeled as a “Nazi who wants to kill 6 million Jews.” From interracial marriage, to segregation, to politics, they state that White people cannot openly promote pride nor unity of their race without being called racists.

They then say “All whites are demonized for violence…and that the racist problem will only be solved if non-whites enter all white countries, forcing whites to assimilate.”

Then I am taken back when they say there is an “ongoing program of genocide.”

I honestly thought genocide was when you actually KILLED an ethnic group of people? This actually took place in America. The Native Americans population was almost virtually extinct due to the European settlement in North America. Not to mention the millions of African slaves that were killed and died during the slave trade and once they arrived in America. Unfortunately slaves were not considered human, so their births and deaths weren’t recorded for some time, so who knows how many were killed.

Assimilating would mean adopting customs of another culture in order to blend or advance and prevent discrimination of one’s own culture and ethnicity. Like changing your name, accent, manipulating your hair grade, skin tone, and other physical features to “be accepted.” But in this video, unlike coming from such places like Poland where it would be easier to assimilate, the problem is that they fear they would have to assimilate to people of COLOR. A lot of customs from people of color have either been taken or adopted by Whites. It wasn’t something that was inflicted upon or held by society’s standards. From dialect to attire, it was a choice.

Whites HAVE openly expressed their pride and unity in America. Whites have and will far as I know continue to date inside of their ethnic groups, but what these women fail to realize is that no one cares if they do. The difference between White Power and Black power is that White Power promoted the terrorizing of people of color, mainly Black and this went on from slavery and to the present. It wasn’t until the 1960s Blacks in turn had to regain some sense of pride, which was to rediscover a sense of self and love self, thus Black Power came to be. I believe everyone should be proud of their ethnicity, but when you brand yourself or the group you represent as those who feel superior, feel you have a right to assault other ethnic groups, that stain is hard to wash away. It is a part of your history and you will be associated with it.

Unfortunately, racism is still alive and well in America. It’s just executed in a different way. You can take down the “whites only” signs but still not allow people of color into your establishment. The ongoing oppression of people of color due to racism is reflected through our justice system and government and citizens. It bleeds through social media, behavior, people’s opinions and this video. Black neighborhoods are not diverse because most of the areas have low-income residents which result to lack of resources, neighborhood upgrades and establishments other than liquor and corner stores. And let’s not forget the skin color issue.

Honestly if you want to come to a Black neighborhood, be our guest. But the problem is once white people come to a Black neighborhood, gentrification takes place. Blacks are kicked out of their own neighborhood. We then see the sight of poverty vanish and a neighborhood now filled with residents of one ethnicity. The phrase “There goes the neighborhood” was used when Black residents moved into a predominantly white neighborhood. In fear of “their property value going down” and maybe a few other excuses they’d either move or give the Black residents a reason to. Strategies were created to keep people of color out of pre-dominantly White neighborhoods due to racist views. There are still to this day, towns that Blacks would never want live or even drive through. So the fear of neighborhoods being overwhelmed by “anti-racists” are not likely to happen.

I can’t help but to question who they’re regarding when they say “anti-white?” I’ve had discussions regarding race with some white people, and some have given responses that express a need for them to separate themselves from the “r-word” or they end the discussion because they feel targeted in some way. Feeling branded, targeted, and feeling blamed has caused a push BACK against the word “racist,” whether or not it’s rightfully called. You hear it the news media where racial topics are discussed and suddenly someone takes offense and jumps to the conclusion that they’re being called a racist.

Blacks are associated with violence, ignorance, criminal behavior and many other stigmas that have left people numb to the ongoing social and political issues that oppresses us. We are dismissed before we are heard. Our issues and protests are disregarded, devalued, given a “get over it,” response by those that only prove to the contributors to the problem. By disregarding, not taking responsibility, the problems will only escalate.

For the creators of that video and women that were in it, ANTI-RACIST is exactly what it is: to be against racism. You cannot not hold others accountable for the problems you’ve created. And you cannot expect or feel that others should accept the conditions and treatment that you wouldn’t even accept yourself. It’s ok to have these racist behaviors and opinions but no one wants to be confronted about it. Because of your appearance, you have been given the privilege to be valued as a human being. You can not fault others for striving to be treated the same. I’m not sure if racism will ever end, but I know it can be understood and not tolerated by educating ourselves. Understanding how our behaviors, mentalities and THE HISTORY that maintains this ongoing cycle may hopefully bring us to a common ground. But if not, you’d probably be making videos about problems you don’t even have.