Good brother and Grammy award winning MC, Rhymefest put me down with this video, which I’ve watched at least 100 times since yesterday. There are soooo many lessons in this example of bravery and skill by the Massi warriors who fearlessly back down 15 hungry lions in the middle of getting their grub on. So often we underestimate the true power we have, and because we think the odds are against us we don’t even attempt great things.

Often times those who oppress us and treat us unjustly, are able to do so through intimidation. Out of fear we allow “lions” to take all the meat because we think if we even try to get a piece for ourselves it’s certain death. These lions looked so surprised that someone had the heart to roll up on them they ran away. Imagine what we could accomplish if we challenged our own weaknesses and walked unafraid towards our goals and dreams.