Ariyana Davis applied to a total of 24 colleges and universities this past year. 23 of them were HBCUs. Being the stellar student that she is, the Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School senior was accepted to all of them. 

To be fair, Davis had some help. She was able to apply to so many schools at once with the help of the Common Black College Application, which allows students to use one application to as many as 50 different HBCU’s.

The only non-HBCU institution David applied for was Eastern Illinois University. If the number seems a little skewed, that was wholly intentional.

“They are known for producing successful black professionals,” Davis said to ABC News. “It was important for me to go to an institution that feels like home.”

Along with the growing number of acceptance letters, Davis has also been awarded a total of $300,000 in scholarships!

After being accepted to the likes of Spelman College, Xavier University,Howard University, Hampton University, Tuskegee University and many more, she made her decision to attend Alcorn State University in Mississippi to major in accounting. She plans to attend grad school at the University of Illinois after.

“I love the family-oriented environment and close-knitted community, and the opportunity they will provide to me when I join the honors courses,” Davis said of her decision.

Davis especially thanks her high school’s college prep program for helping her get this far.

While it’s wonderful to celebrate black youth being admitted to Ivy League institutions, we should also take time to highlight students like Davis who place a priority on supporting HBCUs.