An Arkansas teacher is being investigated after calling First Lady Michelle Obama a chimpanzee over the holidays. 

A Malvern High School teacher, Trent Bennett, reportedly called the First Lady “Michelle Obummer  … America’s First Chimp,” according to KARK.

When Bennett was asked about the comment, he responded by saying “Just good to see that nasty chimp and her spider monkey husband gone for good.”

The Malvern School District is currently on holiday break, but did release a statement saying that it had been informed of an employee social media post “that was inappropriate, insensitive, and used racially charged rhetoric.”

Everyone from parents to members of the local chapter of the NAACP are calling for Bennett to be removed from his position by the time schools open again on January 9.

“There is no place in an educational system for someone in a public position of authority that is willing to publicly make the comments that you are alleged to have made,” Arkansas State Conference NAACP President Rizelle Aaron said in a letter to the teacher.

This incident is the latest in a string where public officials have used racist rhetoric to target either First Lady Michelle Obama or her husband.

In October, a mayor of a small town in Pennsylvania resigned after he posted a series of racist pictures, including one implying that President Obama should be hung.

Then, in November, the mayor of a town in West Virginia came under fire after supporting the racist posting of the director of a non-profit called the First Lady an “ape in heels.” The director was briefly removed from her position, only to be reinstated months later.

With the First Family leaving the White House in a number of days, one would expect their last days to be some of their easiest – especially given who will be taking their place. But many people are clearly looking to get in their last few jabs while they can.