The ripple effect of the Sandy Hook School shootings has just gotten incredibly violent.

In the wake of more calls for gun control, the most alarming and ironic consequence is a new ‘Armed Teacher’ program.

It’s been launched in 15 states, following the NRA’s call for armed guards in schools (although there was an armed guard at Columbine High School):

As of Wednesday, the Armed Teacher Training Program has attracted more than 600 applicants from several states including Ohio, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana,  Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas,  Washington and West Virginia.

“We knew this would be popular, but the response has exceeded out  expectations,” said Jim Irvine, Chairman of the Buckeye Firearms  Foundation. “People doubted if we would fill the first class. That  happened in hours. This is something many in our schools have been asking about for a long time.” […]

“No one will be forced to be armed if they choose not to. The strategy is the same as ordinary concealed carry. No one will ever know who is or is not armed. Those who seek to do harm in schools should be met with armed resistance, even before law  enforcement shows up. Over time, schools will no longer be considered  easy, risk-free targets.”


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Most of the teachers applying for the program teach in high schools.

This is beyond alarming. Writing from a city that had more than 500 murders last year and seen 260 Chicago schoolchildren die by gun violence in that last three years, this effort is beyond counterintuitive.

Guns in classrooms will not ensure the safety of school children. Something should be done to protect all children from gun violence, but this ain’t it.


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