Miami-Dade County To Rename Street After ‘Moonlight’

Groundbreaking motion picture Moonlight continues to be celebrated. It was a box office success, won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and audiences everyone adored the film. However, the citizens of Miami, and Liberty City, specifically, view the film as a shining beacon on their life experiences .

To show how proud local residents are of the film, Miami-Dade County has announced that it will be renaming a Liberty City street “Moonlight Way,” according to The New Times.

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Georgetown University, Jesuits Apologize For Supporting Slavery

Another university has owned up to its past involvement in the slave trade and is hoping to make amends. Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in the United States, held a service on Tuesday to admit to its involvement in slavery, the hypocrisy of doing so as a religious institution and apologized, according to CNN.

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Special Election in Georgia 6 Stirs Democratic Base

United States politics is centered around and obsessed with elections. After the 2016 election, many are hoping for a viable challenge to the Trump administration and are looking to the Democratic Party for that challenger. 

But should they?

This week, in a special election for Georgia Congressional District 6, an area just north of Atlanta, Democrat Jon Ossof attempted to rally the Democratic base to take back a historically Republican seat that had been represented by Tom Price, the new Health and Human Services Secretary.

Franchesca Ramsey gets pilot for late night Comedy Central series

When you look across the late night landscape as it currently stands, you’ll find a lot of white and a lot of men. Despite America being filled with everything but white men, they’re still often treated as the faces of pop culture as they host late night television. Fortunately, Comedy Central is looking to change that.

Franchesca Ramsey, a comedian, writer and host of MTV’s Decoded, will executive produce and host her own late night show for the network, according to NBCBLK.