Nigerian officials may have closed their investigation into the kidnapping of more than 200 missing girls, but the case is not closed.

In fact, at least 60 girls and women and more than 30 boys were abducted over the weekend. The Boko Haram terror group is believed to be responsible for the kidnapping. 

From The New York Times:

Quoting witnesses and officials in the area, the reports said that 60 girls and women, and possibly more than 30 boys, had been seized in the village of Kummabza, about 100 miles from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State.

The Nigerian authorities said that they had yet to confirm the abduction, which was said to have taken place on Saturday. Witnesses accused militants from the Boko Haram group, which took responsibility for the abductions in April, of carrying out the kidnapping after attacks on villages.

Boko Haram, which has sought to trade hostages in return for its own members detained by the security forces, has been accused of regular attacks, despite a military state of emergency in the region.

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At least eight people were killed and 20 others wounded by an explosion on a college campus in Kano, northern Nigeria. It is unclear whether the attack was part of Boko Haram’s regime.

The group killed several people earlier this month — in what local officials categorized as a massacre in northern Nigeria along the Cameroon border.

The neighboring state has deployed thousands of troops in hopes of stopping the Boko Haram.

We can only hope that these babies are safely returned to their homes.

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