Some members of Arizona State University’s chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity may face expulsion after throwing a racist MLK-themed party during the slain civil rights leader’s holiday weekend.

Only 16 of 125 members attended the offensive party, but the action has led to the dissolution of the chapter on campus. 

From Associated Press:

Alex Baker, a spokesman for Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity, also said that those 16 face suspension or expulsion from the frat and that the ASU chapter plans to issue a public apology to the university and community.

The national fraternity is putting the ASU chapter on probation for at least a year but is not yanking the group’s charter.

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An ASU spokeswoman said Friday that the university was aware of the national organization’s decision, but will not change its action of permanently removing the chapter from campus.

By throwing the party, ASU determined that TKE violated the school’s code of conduct after reviewing pictures from the event, that showed underage students drinking alcohol and dressed in racially insensitive attire.

Should the members of TKE be expelled?

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