The brother of Michael Brandon Hill – the young man who opened fire at a Atlanta-area elementary school – is not pleased with President Obama’s decision to phone and thank Antoinette Tuff.

As you might recall, Tuff is credited with saving many young lives by calmly coaxing the shooter to lay down his weapon and surrender peacefully to police.

Timothy Hill says he doesn’t see the point of the phone call.

From Clutch:

Timothy isn’t pleased with attention President Obama has given Tuff. While sitting in the green room waiting for his segment, Timothy watched a clip of Anderson Cooper 360 and got agitated when he learned Tuff received a thank-you call from Obama. Piers Morgan decided to call him out on that and wanted to know what angered him. “I’m pretty sure she’s been thanked by 100s and 100s of people,” he said. I honestly did not see it necessary for President Obama to call her up when he could have been focusing more on what could be done to prevent things like this.”

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As Clutch points out, Tuff not only prevented the deaths of many children, but also the death of Hill’s own brother.


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