Last week we told you about Florida teen Kiera Wilmot.

Assistant State Attorney Tammy Glotfelty advised that the 16 year-old face felony charges after a science experiment gone wrong. Teachers and classmates have maintained that Wilmot was a good student, and that the incident was purely an accident

Well it has since been revealed that a few weeks prior, this same attorney advised that charges be dropped against a white teen who accidentally killed his little brother with a BB gun.

But upon hearing the circumstances surrounding Kiera’s case, Glotfelty advocated for her arrest and advised that she face felony charges; possession/discharge of a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device.

A few weeks earlier however, 4th grader Skylar Richardson died tragically after his 13 year-old brother Taylor accidentally shot him while they were playing with BB guns. In that case, Attorney Glotfelty advised that no charges be filed, deeming it “a terrible accident.”

From NewsOne:

In order to gain further insight in to Glotfelty’s seemingly unequal treatment of both Richardson’s and Wilmot’s cases, NewsOne reached out to the attorney’s office for comment. Her spokesman, Chief Assistant State Attorney Brian Haas, responded, via phone, with the following:

“Our office has not made any filing decisions on that case yet, so there have not been any charges brought yet in that case, it’s still under review.

“She’s not been charged.

“Just because someone, just because there’s a police report done on someone, that doesn’t mean that they are charged officially in court of any crime.

“There’s a different standard between what is done in the police report and what will be done in court.”

Even though NewsOne made it clear that we fully understand that there is a difference between what charges are brought in the police report and what official charges are actually brought in court, Haas would not answer our questions as to why Glotfelty’s initial determination was to drop Richardson’s charges because that instance was deemed a “tragic accident” yet she determined that Kiera should be charged with what amounts to a felony.

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What accounts for the seemingly unequal treatment of Richarson’s and Wilmot’s cases?

Are these cases analogous?

Was Assistant State Attorney Tammy Glotfelty’s ruling on Kiera Wilmot’s case racist?

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