A new audio recording released Monday night allegedly indicates the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown paused in the middle of unleashing at least 10 bullets in the teen’s direction.

CNN aired the tape, but said that it could not independently verify its authenticity. Allegedly, the audio was captured near the shooting scene in Ferguson, Missouri on Aug. 9. 

From New York Daily News:

It was reportedly recorded by a Ferguson resident who could be heard talking with or about a woman while gunfire suddenly erupted in the background.

About six shots in rapid fire could be heard, followed by two seconds of quiet and four additional shots.

“That was what caught my attention initially,” said Lopa Blumenthal, a lawyer for the unnamed man who claims to have made the recording. “It shows a point of contemplation.”

CNN said it could not corroborate the tape’s authenticity, and has reached out to the FBI for confirmation.

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Hear the gunshots here:

Brown was unarmed when Officer Darren Wilson shot him after stopping the teen for jaywalking. Witnesses of the incident have said that after the initial confrontation with Wilson where at least one round was fired, Brown was walking away with his hands up at was fired at again.

A preliminary autopsy revealed that Brown was struck at least six times, with two bullets hitting his head.

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