The family of a mother who faces jail time and the possibility of losing her children after leaving them in a warm car during a job interview says she “was too proud to ask for help”.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Shanesha Taylor’s great aunt Henrietta Grant said she wished Taylor would’ve asked her to watch them. 

From Daily Mail: 

Shanesha’s great aunt tells MailOnline she thinks the mom-of-three, who served in the US Air Force, was too proud to ask for help and wishes she had asked her. 

Henrietta Grant said Shanesha served her country in the US Air Force and was possibly ashamed of how low she had fallen, living on food stamps.

Grant added that she was the ‘good sister’ as her ‘bad’ younger sibling Alisha Mullins was jailed for seven years for armed burglary last year.

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Grant says she doesn’t feel that Taylor should be treated harshly for her actions. Taylor currently faces two counts of child abuse for the incident.

In support of the single mother, people around the nation have collectively donated more than $100,000 towards her legal and living expenses.

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