Credit: HBO

‘Confirmation’ Was Too Polite to Do Anita Hill’s Story Justice

By: Angelica Bastien

The 1991 hearings involving the public accusation from law professor Anita Hill toward then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas is ripe for exploration because of how it explicitly deals with conversations of race, gender, and sexual politics that have reached a fever pitch recently. Unfortunately, while the film, Confirmation, which aired on HBO this past weekend, is well-made, it’s more concerned with extolling the facts rather than dealing with the nuance behind them. Once the credits rolled I was left with the feeling I watched an artistically and intellectually hollow Wikipedia entry come to life.

Kendrick Lamar

Why the ‘Untitled Unmastered’ Album is So Necessary Right Now

By. Sam Fleming

Kendrick Lamar has taken over the hip-hop scene in the last few years, through releasing a string of critically and commercially acclaimed projects. He has transitioned from being a lyrical rapper from Compton, to a well-respected representative for the art of hip-hop in general. From meeting with Obama, to working with Kanye West, it is clear that Kendrick has earned himself an elite status that few have been able to achieve. What truly separates him from every other rapper is how he earned his respect. His honesty shines through his music, and is especially apparent on Untitled Unmastered. the latest collection of tracks that he has shared with the world.


An Open Letter to Rep. John Lewis


 “Standing on the Wrong Side of History”


Dear Brother John Lewis,

I am a Black woman, who, like you, was born in Alabama at the dawn of the modern-day Civil Rights Movement. My parents supported the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I, like millions of others, suffered through the indignities of Jim Crow, including watching, as an adolescent, my mother being “escorted” out of a white-only public bathroom by the police.

So I understand firsthand and respect your bravery and your contribution to the Black freedom struggle.


‘Concussion’ Tells the Truth about NFL Medical Neglect

by Lamont Lilly


Through a long history of medical examinations and scientific data, the film Concussion directly links repeated violent brain trauma of NFL worker-athletes to dementia, depression, memory loss, mental illness and even suicide.  The truth is all laid out here.  Yes!  It’s an ugly reality, and a bit uncomfortable for most football fans, but truth is, the National Football League (NFL) is a billion dollar industry that doesn’t a give a damn about its player-employees.


10 Black Queer Artists to Watch

The independent music world is a treasure trove for radical artists and revolutionary tastemakers. While the mainstream picks up some gems and over rates mediocrity, the Internet has provided ample support for dope artists on the rise. Independent Hip-Hop, in the Internet age, has brought collectives of amazing rappers, writers and producers together. However, and unfortunately, too few queer artists get the right shine they need.

Here are a few Black queer artists you should be looking out for right now.

epic-kamasi -washington

Listen to ‘Epic’, the Latest Album From Kamasi Washington

By Sam Fleming

Until the release of Epic, Kamasi Washington’s solo debut album, he had mostly been known for frequently collaborating with Thundercat, Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar, who have each released some of the best music of the past few years. His debut album, Epic, paints a different picture of Washington. Instead of showing his collaborative, contemporary hip-hop side, it shows his fearless leadership and command of not only his saxophone, but classic Jazz itself.