Obama Administration To Forgive Student Loans For The Permanently Disabled

President Obama’s administration has worked out a plan to forgive nearly 400,000 people of their student loan debt, which totals up to $7.7 billion, according to The Washington Post. The 387,000 people eligible for the loan relief have one thing in common, they’re considered permanently disabled by the Department of Education and Social Services Administration.

Buzzfeed’s ‘Questions Black People Have For Black People’ Video Backfires

Buzzfeed has revolutionized the online publishing industry in recent years. One of the many ways they’ve done so has been through their personality-filled videos that feature staff members either acting out relatable scenarios or asking thought-provoking questions. Their latest attempt to do so has seemingly backfired and brought on the wrath of Twitter users everywhere.

Clinton and de Blasio Make Awkward Joke About “CP Time”

The Clinton campaign is on a road full of speed bumps when it comes to the black community. Hillary’s been dismissive of young black women on multiple occasions and Bill recently criticized Black Lives Matter. Now, Hillary and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made an off-color (no pun intended) joke at the annual Inner Circle Dinner roast this past weekend, according to the Root.

Three Teens Found Dead After Driving Stolen Car Into Pond

Local authorities in St. Peteresburg, Fla. pulled a stolen 1990 Honda Accord out of a pond and found the bodies of three teenage girls. Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Laniya Miller, 15, were all found to have their seat belts off, possibly from trying to get out of the car, and no sign of who was driving the vehicle, according to ABC.

Pinellas County Sheriff, Bob Gualtieri, spoke to local media and offered a detailed timeline of events that lead up to the accident. 

Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant Co-Star In Apple TV Commercial

Every few years there appears to be a new black actor who we fan cast into every possible role. There was Denzel, then Will Smith, then Idris Elba and the most recent one appears to be Michael B. Jordan. So it makes perfect sense that he’d be in on the joke.

In the latest commercial from Apple TV, Jordan co-stars alongside Kobe Bryant, who has only one game left in his professional basketball career. Jordan wears a replica of Bryant’s Lower Merion high school jersey as the two discuss what it’ll take to portray him in a film.

Wendell Pierce of ‘The Wire’ Invests $20 Million To Bring Jobs To Baltimore

Wendell Pierce has many claims to fame in his lengthy acting career. But his biggest one to date is likely still his work on HBO’s The Wire as Detective Bunk Moreland. To help repay the city that gave him his career highlight, Pierce has announced a $20 million investment into a new apartment complex.

The complex will be built in Baltimore’s arts district and will be the first in what Pierce told Fusion he he hopes will be the first of many opportunities to add jobs to the local economy. 

Chance the Rapper Reportedly Close To Becoming Chicago White Sox Ambassador

Chance the Rapper is proud of his Southside Chicago roots. His lyrics are riddled with references to his hometown and he can be seen wearing a Chicago White Sox fitted baseball cap most of his appearances over the past few years. So his recent team up with his local baseball team is a no-brainer.

The Chicago rapper recently released a new set of baseball hats for the White Sox –which sold out its limited run of 2,000 within hours– and is the narrator for the in-stadium video for this season. He also threw out the ceremonial first pitch in the recent home opener. Now, ESPN reports that Chance is close to signing a deal to become the official club ambassador the for team.

Ray Lewis Criticizes Black Lives Matter Movement

The two most common criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement have to be: 1) It implies that black lives matter most and 2) If black lives really mattered, black-on-black crime wouldn’t be an issue. There are easy defenses to both of these claims, but the questions seem to persist.

The latest person to ask them was former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. The future Hall of Famer posted a 10-minute video on his Facebook page that’s already been viewed more than 5 million times. He specifically cited violence in Chicago as an example of how bad things have gotten. 

NBA Player Thabo Sefolosha Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against NYPD

A little over a year ago, Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha was charged with resisting arrest by NYPD officers during an incident outside of a nightclub. Officers claimed that Sefolosha charged at them, which required them to arrest him, breaking his ankle and forcing him to miss the NBA playoffs after his right fibula was broken and ankle ligaments were torn, according to the New York Times.

After denying a plea deal, Sefolosha went to trial and was acquitted by a jury of all charges after just 45 minutes of deliberating. Now, the NBA player is filing a $50 million civil suit against the five NYPD officers who arrested him last April.