First Trailer Released For Miles Davis Biopic ‘Miles Ahead,’ Starring Don Cheadle

For a decade, Don Cheadle has been tied to the Miles Davis biopic entitled Miles Ahead. Ever since he was chosen to play the famous jazz musician in 2006, Davis has worked tirelessly to bring the beautiful, complex image he crafted in his mind onto the big screen. It even led to him becoming the film’s director.

Activist DeRay McKesson Is Officially Running For Mayor Of Baltimore

One of the biggest slights that people hold against activists, whistle blowers, and watchdogs is that they can often seem perfectly willing to stand aside and criticize others in political leadership without actually doing something to change the system. Well, prominent activist DeRay McKesson is proving this narrative wrong.

McKesson has earned a reputation as one of the more prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement. He also cofounded Campaign Zero, an organization that seeks to end police violence. Over recent years, McKesson’s participation in marches and other demonstrations has provoked conversation on social media and drawn attention to the injustices facing Black people. He recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to speak about dismantling white privilege. And now, to show that he’s not just another person looking to point out problems with no intention to fix them, McKesson has announced that he’ll officially be running for mayor of his native Baltimore.

Sarah Reed, Woman Beaten by Police on Video, Found Dead In Cell

Sarah Reed was only 30 years old at the time of her death last month. What makes her name the most recent addition to the rapidly growing  list of names being remembered on social media is that she died in police custody under mysterious circumstances.

For starters, Reed had been subjected to police brutality and violence while in custody. After being arrested for shoplifting in 2012, she was assaulted by a police officer named James Kiddie. Surveillance footage showed Kiddie grab Reed by her hair, kick and hit her in the head. The officer was eventually found guilty of “common assault” and sentenced to a 150-hour community order. Kiddie was later dismissed from his police duties after the video was released, according to The Independent.

Snoop Dogg Sits Down To Meet With Mayor Of Flint About Water Crisis

While wearing a shirt that read “FLINT LIVES MATTER,” Snoop Dogg met with Mayor Karen Weaver during a water drive this past weekend to discuss the current water crisis. While Snoop is one of many celebrities to join the movement and donated water and funds, not many have taken the time to sit down and talk to officials.

Three Black SUNY Students Claim They Were Assaulted By White Classmates

This past weekend, a story broke that a group of black women who are students at the State University of New York in Albany were attacked while on public transportation. The students, whose identities haven’t been revealed, claim they were harassed and assaulted by a group of white men and women on a bus after a verbal altercation turned physical. They were reportedly kicked and were the target of multiple racial slurs.

Another Group of White Students Got Caught Throwing A Racist Party

We’re at the point where a monthly game of “Racism Bingo” is almost a legitimate option. If we were to play, one of the spaces that’s sure to be filled almost every month is “white students host a racist party and get caught.” The “getting caught” part is key.

The latest example of this happening involved high school students in San Francisco. 100 students from up to five local high schools got together for what was being coined as a “wigger” party. For those unaware, a “wigger” is a phrase used to describe a white person that appropriates black culture and it’s most blatant stereotypes.

Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Quintonio LeGrier Plans To Sue His Family

During the early morning hours after Christmas, Quintonio LeGrier called Chicago Police three times to ask for assistance to no avail – he was even hung up on once. When his father called from the same address requesting assistance, an officer was sent to investigate.

LeGrier was then shot six times –including in the back– along with a neighbor, Bettie Jones, who opened her front door to see what was happening. The officer responsible, named Robert Rialmo, is now suing the LeGrier family for emotional distress.

Kentucky Juvenile Authorities Used Martial Arts To Restrain Gynnya McMillen Who Died in Custody

It’s common knowledge that once an individual is in custody of the authorities, it’s their responsibility to see to it that the detained individual is safe and well. Unfortunately for Gynnya McMillen, 16, that wasn’t the case at any point during her stay at a juvenile detention center that led to her death.