ESPN’s Bomani Jones Sports Cleveland “Caucasians” Shirt On Air

The use of Native American imagery in sports has been debated for quite a while. The Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks, Fighting Illini and the Washington Redskins, especially, have been at the center of a discussion about what should be allowed in sports for the sake of legacy and tradition.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones just added fuel to the flames with his recent appearance on Mike & Mike. Jones is known for both his intelligence and becoming a lightning rod for sports fans that disagree with his views. So it’s not all that surprising that he got a similar response when he wore a Cleveland “Caucasians” shirt on live television. 

The Gentrification at Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Projects Could Happen Anywhere

Tearing down old, dilapidated buildings and isn’t necessarily the problem. The problem is when low-income families are forced out of their homes to free up space to build high value buildings they’ll likely never be able to afford living in. That’s gentrification. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green neighborhood.

A couple of months ago, we reported on how a new high rise apartment complex in the Cabrini-Green neighborhood was asking for ridiculously high rent – $1,825 a month to rent a studio apartment, to be exact. It was found that someone would have to make $72,000 a year just to comfortably afford one, not to mention a 1-bedroom. 

Former Fenger Principal Announces New Foundation To Help Youth

Liz Dozier’s star truly began to rise when she was featured in CNN’s Chicagoland series in 2014. As the then-principal of Fenger High School, her commitment to her students and their futures gained her national attention. After moving on from the position this past summer, many waited to see what Dozier’s next venture would be. They now have their answer. 

‘2 Dope Queens’ Produce A Podcast About Being Exactly That

I recently wrote a list of 10 wonderful podcasts that are mostly hosted by black people and speak about a number of topics from a black perspective. After it went live, I was put on to plenty more worth checking out, so expect another post in the near future. One of the additions to that next list will likely be a podcast called “2 Dope Queens.”

Long Island Teen Gets Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Getting into one of the elite institutions known as the Ivy League is an experience only a select few get to experience. Being accepted into more than one is reserved for the best of the best. But getting an acceptance letter from all eight of them? That’s a rarity that surely has to be celebrated.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, a Long, Island, New York high school senior and valedictorian was able to accomplish just that, according to Essence

Congresswoman Proposes $250 Million HBCU Innovation Fund Act

Rep. Alma S. Adams of the 12th Congressional District of North Carolina proposed a new piece of legislation that would help support historically black colleges and universities for the foreseeable future. Adams spoke to congress and introduced plans for a $250 Million HBCU Innovation Fund Act that will work to supply underfunded schools with financial support through grants, according to the Root.

Reportedly, the money the fund would collect and be responsible for distributing would spark the introduction of programs that would lead to higher recruitment, enrollment and graduation rates as well as bolster the schools’ STEM programs.

Mother Founds Non-Profit To Support Autism In People Of Color

According to the CDC, black children are 30 percent less like than white children to be identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Hispanic children are 50 percent less likely. But the percentage of children among all races that are likely to have ASD is relatively the same, which means that there’s a large number of cases going unidentified in people of color.

Camille Proctor saw that this was a problem and devoted herself to help fix it. She first got involved in the mission to make sure children are being screened and treated for autism when her own son, Ari, was diagnosed, according to the Huffington Post. She’s now founded The Color of Autism Foundation to play her part in addressing and educating others about autism in communities of color. 

Ferguson, Missouri Finds New Top Cop In Delrish Moss

The power structure in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, was noticeably shaken after former Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed teen, Mike Brown, in the street on August 9, 2014. As a result, people became outraged and protested, petitioning the local government for justice and reform.

The leadership of the mostly-white police force for the mostly-black community was dismantled, with then Chief Tom Jackson, the City Manager and Municipal Judge all resigning within days of each other. Now, Ferguson has named their next police chief who plans to help the town rebuild itself.